What Is the Community Chat Room?

The Community Chat Room is a place where anyone can enter and have a public or private LIVE conversation. Write a comment and other users will immediately see your posts.

The purpose of creating the Live Community Chat Room is to allow members of community groups to have a platform where they can meet and discuss community issues. Whether its a discussion on how to deter crime in your community or a discussion on when and where you will have your next neighborhood event, our Chat Room is the place for you. When everyone can't make the meeting in person, this is the place where participation is just a click away.

In our chat room you can hold quick discussions in public view as a unnamed guest, using the default number you are assigned upon entering the room; or you can replace the default number we give you with your name or a "nickname" so that you are easier to identify by your group. If you decide that you need a little more privacy, you can take your discussion to a more private room and continue your discussions there.

When the members of your group are ready to have a meeting, you can have everyone gather in the public chat room where everyone will identify themselves by name. Once your entire group arrives, you can take them to a private room created by your community leader who will be identified as your chat moderator. Now, your meeting can begin.

It is our goal to allow everyone in your community a chance to voice their opinion in regard to the issues at hand. It is also our goal to allow for more community leaders to get involved, and this can be done from their home or office computer. It does not matter if the weather's bad or you are not feeling well, get your group signed up now and never miss a Community Meeting again!

How do I get started? It's Easy and Absolutely Free!

To get started, all you have to do is register here at our website. Once you register and log in, the Community Chat Room is immediately made available to you. The registration link is always in the right hand corner of the top box on the initial Community Forum page. Here is a list of things you need to do:
  1. Get Registered (It's Free!!)
  2. Check your email for the confirmation link of your registration
  3. Sign In
  4. Click the Community Meeting/Chat link to go to the Community Chat Room log in page
  5. Enter the Chat Room by clicking the button provided for you on the page
And that's it! You are done!! If you want to know about the features of our Chat Room and how things work, look below at our how to chat instructions...

How the Community Chat Room Works! (how-to-do-it-all)

We know it can be a bit overwhelming the first time users enter the Community Chat Room, so for your convenience we have provided a short list to get you started. Here is what you will see once you click Enter Community Room:
  1. You will be redirected to the Community Chat Room.
  2. Once inside, you will see several links on the page. Such as...
    • Logout - Top Left -(This link does what it says. It will log you out of the chat room, but not out of the Forum. You must go to the Forum to completely log off the site. You can navigate between the Community Chat Room and the Community Forum freely without logging out if you wish by clicking the banner in the center of the page and then clicking the Community Meeting/Chat link to return!).
    • Channel - (This allows you to choose if you want to remain in the public room or enter a private room where there may be less chatting (note:there is an even more private way to chat which i will address later--usually used for meetings etc..) or even enter your own room, just click on your name).
    • Style - (This menu allows you to choose from several different page layouts where you can set the display to your liking).
    • Language - (Should be self-explanatory. Here you can choose a different language to read and write your posts in).
    • The Blue CF Banner - (Allows you to go back to the Community Forum page if you wish, as mentioned above).
    • Change Username* - (This is where you add your name or nickname to the page and stop being a number. Now members of your group or friends can find you easier. We recommend everyone change/add their name before entering a Community Meeting).
    • All others - (All of the other buttons describe themselves. Make note of the four buttons in the bottom right hand corner of the page. These buttons allow for more user configuration (it allows you to control some settings on the page) and provides extra information about your Chat Room).
  3. You will notice that while other members are chatting, you will see either their identifying number or their name in the right stand-alone box. If you do not see their name click List online users and you will see them. When you click on a persons ID, you will be allowed to:
    • Send them a private message
    • Open a private channel to message them
    • Invite them to the channel you have created or are currently in
    • and much more
There are many other fun features you will have access to when you enter the page. We recommend that you explore for yourself and get to know your new Community Chat Room. Everything you will need is just a click away!

Are you a Community Leader? Moderator of your Group?

There should only be one Moderator/Leader of your group while conducting a Community Meeting (note: Moderators are only needed when there is a Community Meeting taking place!). When given moderator status you have the responsibilty of keeping you members in order. With that responsibilty comes some power. You will have the power to kick unruly members out of your meeting if necessary because you control the private room.
Are you a Community Leader? Moderator of your Community Group? If the answer is yes, here is what you need to do in order to get moderator status:
  1. You must contact Community Fears using our Contact Us page and list the following:
    • A simple subject line stating that you want to have moderator status in our Community Chat Room
    • Your username.
    • The name of your Community Group.
    • Approximately how many members are in your group.
    • Note: Prior to submitting your request you must submit at least three (3) topics and/or three (3) responses (or a combination of both) in our Community Forum to be approved.
And that's it! You are done! Once approved, you will be notified of how to log in to the Community Chat Room as a Moderator for your group. You will now access the Community Chat Room from your profile's home page instead of the main forum page. When you enter the Community Chat Room, you will see an extra tab located below the Change Username tab which will allow you to create a private room where only you and your goup members will be allowed. This happens because you will be in control of manually inviting your members to the meeting inside of the room that you create. Only the members you invite will be able to enter!